How to Become an Influencers?

These days, everyone strives to be influential in their chosen field due to the

associated glamour. Influencers receive free stuff and have their opinions widely

valued. In business, this can mean a steady flow of new customers. Studies show

that for every dollar spent on influencer marketing, companies earn $6.50, making it

a highly beneficial proposition for your business. But how do you become an

influencer? Read on to learn more.


Steps to Become an Influencer


Identify Your Niche


The journey begins with identifying your niche. Determine what you excel at more

than anyone else. Finding a niche is crucial as it allows you to focus on one area,

making it easier to establish your authority and attract an audience. Take some time

to define your area of expertise and clarify what you do not want to pursue. This will

help you proceed with the following steps.


Choose Your Channel


There are many platforms such as YouTube, Facebook Groups, Instagram, Instagram

Stories, LinkedIn video, LinkedIn publishing, blogging, and podcasting. You cannot be

influential on all of them. Choose the channel best suited for your niche and target

audience. Research to find out which platform your target audience engages with the

most. Also, consider the type of content you wish to create when choosing the



Know the Current Influencers in Your Niche


Once you have chosen your niche and platform, identify the top influencers in your

space. Start by searching your chosen channel and expand your search to other

platforms. Useful tools for this include Post for Rent, Upfluence, HypeAuditor, and



Start Creating Content


Begin creating content that adds value to your audience. Decide on the frequency

(daily, weekly, or monthly) at which you will post content. Remember, the more you

post, the better. High-quality content is crucial for better outcomes. Studies show

that companies posting more than 16 articles per month enjoy three times more

traffic than those posting just one blog per week.


Build Relationships with the Top 50 Influencers in Your Niche


List at least 50 top influencers in your niche. Consider them your new "Best Friends

Forever" (BFFs). They can help you grow and become part of their community. Don’t

see this as merely an opportunity to benefit; invest time to bring yourself up to their

level. This collaboration can help you pave your path to becoming an influencer.


Engage Your Audience


Millennials trust social influencers more than traditional celebrities because

influencers are more accessible. Engage your audience by responding to comments

and showing appreciation when they interact with you. This demonstrates that you

are a real, approachable person.


Final Thoughts


Becoming an influencer doesn't happen overnight. The key to success is persistence

and consistency. By doing the basics right, you will become an influencer over time.

It requires effort and dedication, but it is worth it!

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