How to Become an Influencers?

These days everyone strives to be influential in a field of their choice.  This is because there is glamour attached to it. People offer free stuff and listen to everything that influencers have to say. If you are in business, this can mean a steady flow of new customers. Studies show that for every dollar spent on influencer marketing, companies earn $6.50. This means that it is an extremely beneficial proposition for your business. But, how do you become an influencer? Read on to know more.


Steps to Become an Influencer


Of course, it all starts with you deciding why you want to become the most influential person. Once you know the reason, you just have to follow the steps given below:


Identify your niche


This is the starting point. You need to find out as to what is it that you do much better than anyone else. Finding a niche is important because it encourages you to focus on one area. This, in turn, makes it easy for you to establish your superiority and attract an audience. However, it is a good idea to take a little bit of time to define your area of expertise and also nail down whatever you dont want. This will be helpful in proceeding with the following steps.


Choose your channel


There are many different channels such as YouTube, Facebook Groups, Instagram, Instagram Stories, LinkedIn video, LinkedIn publishing, blogging, and podcasting out there on the World Wide Web. You cannot expect to be influential on all the channels. It is, therefore, important to choose a channel that is best suited for your niche and the target audience. A little bit of research may be required to find out which platform your target audience engages with the most. The type of content you wish to create is another aspect you need to consider when choosing the platform.  


Know the current influencers in your niche


Having decided your niche area and the social media platform you want to use, the next step is to find out who all are currently the top influencers in your space. You can start by searching the channel you have chosen, but it pays to expand your search to other platforms as well. Some of the platforms you can search in this regard are Post for Rent, Upfluence, HypeAuditor, and Scalefluence, among others.


Start creating content


Now, it is time to start creating content that adds value to your audience. You can choose the frequency (daily, weekly, or monthly) at which you want to post content. However, you need to keep in mind the fact that the more you do the better for you. Further, you need to create high-quality content to receive better outcomes. Studies reveal that companies that post more than 16 articles per month enjoy three times more traffic than those that just post one blog per week.


Build relationships with at least the best 50 influencers in your niche


When you search various channels and platforms to identify the top influencers in your niche, you should list down at least 50 names. They would be your new Best Friends Forever or BFFs. They will help you not only grow but also become a team member. It is not wise to look at it as an opportunity to benefit, spend time with them to bring yourself up to their level. Then you can choose your path to become an influencer.


Engage your audience


Millennials have more trust in social influencers rather than traditional A-listers. This is because influencers are more accessible. To become an influencer, you need to engage your audience. You dont get the results you want just by posting a few videos or writing a couple of blogs. You need to respond to comments and thank them when your audience engages with you. This is to demonstrate to your audience that you are a real person.


Final Thoughts


It is not possible for anyone to become an influencer overnight. The secret to success is persistence and consistency. If you do the basics right, you will become an influencer over time. It does take a little bit of time and effort, but it is worth it.

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