Privacy Policy

This Privacy Policy was created in December 2020.
Your privacy is our concern, and we are serious about it. This Privacy Policy explains what type of information Influencerszone may collect, hold and process in connection with provision of any Influencerszone’ products, services, content, applications, or websites (referred to collectively as the “Services”), and how that information is used and protected. It also sets out how you can contact us if you have any queries or concerns regarding your personal data.
We reserve the right to make changes to this Privacy Policy at any time. Please check the Privacy Policy periodically for changes, although, if you are our customer, we may also notify you via email of any changes that, in our sole discretion, materially impact your use of the Services or the way we process your personal data. Your continued use of our Services covered by this Privacy Policy will signify your acceptance of any and all changes to this Privacy Policy made by us from time to time.

1. About Influencerszone

Influencerszone is a provider of Software as a Service (SaaS) AI-Powered solution for social media marketing. For more information about Influencerszone, please see the “Company” section of our site at

2. Data We Collect Or Receive

We collect personal data from our customers and users of the Services (which includes employees of our corporate or institutional customers) for our own purposes, such as to provide and administer the Services. We are the data controller in respect of this personal data.
In order to provide our Services, we analyse user profiles and other information that we receive directly from the social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and other, via these platforms’ APIs. Such data include both non-personal data such as various statistics and metrics and personal data of the platforms’ users. Where we source the data directly from the relevant platforms, via these platforms’ public APIs, we determine the purpose of processing, which is developing and constantly enhancing our Services and offering them to our customers on a world-wide basis, via our web platform. In such cases, we are the data controller with respect to such data. We also process personal data on behalf of our customers as a data processor; this is when the provision of certain Service or specific feature requires that our customers give us a permission (such as, for example, an access token or other administrative permission), within the Service, to access and manage any information that our customers monitor or collect from social media sites; this may include information that is not publicly available. When we access customer’s data with respect to which the customers are the data controllers, we act in accordance with the instructions of our customers (which they give us through the Services) as their data processor. This will be, for example, when we access Facebook Insights or facilitate and organize the communication (e.g. Facebook messages) between the customer and its end users within our customer care feature of the Community Service. We always keep personal data that we process on behalf of our customers and pursuant to their instructions separate from our other customers’ data and keep them strictly confidential.

2.1 Data Of Customers And Users Of Our Services

We collect your personal data when:

You register or use registration for our Services, by completing a web registration form;
You log to our Service, either by entering your username (email) and password, or using a social login such as Facebook Login or Sign In with Twitter, or by any other similar authentication means that we may make available to you;
You use our Services or otherwise interact with Influencerszone, for example when you publish any images, content or other files or data on social media via our Services;
You otherwise voluntarily provide such data, e.g. by filling out and submitting any forms made available to you through Influencerszone’ website or the Services or through websites or services of our business partners.
When you create an account with Influencerszone, we will ask you to complete a registration form indicating your first name, surname, email, company, and job title. You can also choose to add a phone number to your account.
If you log in to our Services using your social network account, we receive basic personal details from your social network profile. The scope of details we receive depends on your social network account privacy settings and on your settings when logging into our Services; they might include your social network ID, public profile information (such as name, profile picture, gender, age range, or country) and e-mail address. We may also receive additional information from your profile if you give us permission to access it. If you wish to change the scope of your social network profile information that we receive upon your registration, you should review the privacy policy or other guidance available on your social network’s website and change your privacy settings.
For purposes of analysis and improvement of our Services, our servers may automatically record information when you visit our website or use some of our Services, including:
IP address;
Browser type and language; and
Date and time of your request or action, including your actions within the Services such as history of how you use our Services. If our Services are purchased by an entity, it is the individual users within such entity’s organization who log into our Services platform and whose personal data are collected, as described above. Where such entity provides us directly with any personal data of its employees or other individual users that it authorized to access the Services, it must have all necessary consents, permissions or registrations to process and to provide to us its employees’ or users’ personal data.